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Old Republic Home Warranty Review

  • Protection plan for home appliances
  • Covers repair expenses for heating equipment
  • Offering remarkable service since 1974
  • Silver and Gold upgrade plan available
  • 1 year renewable protection plan available
  • Excellent customer service experience
  • Service calls available 24X7, 365 days a year

What is Old Republic Home Warranty?

The company was initially started as Dependable Home Warranty in the year 1974 and was based in California. In the latter years, the company expanded and it started offering its services to many states in USA since 1995 and continuously striving to add more every year. At the present moment, the company is ranked number 3 in the nation when it comes to size.

It is an insurance company that offers comprehensive protection policy to plan holders against high repair or replacement cost for their home appliances or system. It offers warranty plan coverage on heating and electrical systems, plumbing and on appliances like dishwasher, water heater, garbage disposal, central vacuum system etc. It offers optional coverage on spa and swimming pool equipments, roof coverage, well pump etc. The coverage plan varies from one state to another and it is important that one should check the state specific home warranty plans. It is not just a “one year warranty company” but a company that offers you service for a lifetime.

What Old Republic Home Warranty Does?

The company offers 1 year protection plan against repair that is not covered by the insurance of home owner. The plans are often used by people who are selling their homes, so if any anything needs repair when the home is listed or during escrow, it will not cause any delay in closing. If any of your appliance or home system has broken down, it offers complete repair or replacement. A few items that the company offers coverage are:

  • Trash compactors
  • Whirlpool Tubs
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Heating or Cooling system
  • Dishwashers and water heaters

Old Republic Home Warranty: Different Plans at a Glance

Apart from 1 year plan, the company also offers various optional plans so as to add more coverage for certain problems that might arise. The standard coverage plan is for a single home family that should not be larger than five thousand square feet. There are two other upgrade plans available that offers extra cover than the standard plan and are discussed under the following headings below:

Silver Upgrade

The plan offers coverage for dishwasher parts like racks and baskets. Different items that are additionally covered in the plan are clocks, racks, range rotisseries, handles etc. It also offers repair and replacement for air conditioning filters and window units. Shower heads, toilets, shower arms, faucets etc are also covered in the plan. Hard wired or battery operated smoke detectors and ice-makers are other covered items under the Silver Upgrade plan.

Gold Upgrade

This plan will include payments for different permits that are required in places where replacing certain item requires them. You will get replacement or repair expenses for heavy equipments like air conditioner or any other heating units like roof-top types. You can receive disposal fees when you haul away any old appliance; provided the item is covered under the plan. The best part about the plan is that you can get repair expenses for any item that has been installed incorrectly or there has been some sort of defect during the contract period.

Old Republic Home Warranty: Coverage that Offers Peace of Mind

Normal usage of home appliances often cause wear and tear and it can eventually cause breakdown. It can be quite expensive to get the item repaired or replaced and often people cannot afford it. But Old Republic Home Warranty offers different plans that can provide easy replacement or repair of the equipment in an affordable manner. You can renew the plan after the original year has passed away. The company sends a letter with details on renewal terms and premiums to be paid for the coverage. For better customer convenience, you can renew the policy online from the comfort of your home.

Old Republic Home Warranty: Good Customer Support

At any point of time, if any of your home appliances has broken down and it needs repair, there is no need to worry. All you have to do is to give a call to the company’s toll free number or get online and request their service. It will send a contractor to your home to assess the problem that you have with your equipment. You should know that the company uses independent contractors and they are approved after a tough screening so that they can meet the tough standards and offer you the best customer support without any second thoughts.

Old Republic Home Warranty: Final Thoughts

There are many insurance policies that do not cover repair expenses for home equipments. Old Republic Home Warranty is a smart choice for homeowners and can save you a lot of money on repair expenditures for home appliances by paying a feasible premium that is affordable to the pockets. The customer service is amazing and you will feel like coming year after another renewing your policy.

3 Reviews for “Old Republic Home Warranty”

  1. Tim Smith

    What I liked about this company is their ability to provide coverage for my swimming pool. Before I signed up with them I had a lot of problems trying to repair the equipment of my swimming pool. It was costly to a point I was tempted to close it down. However, a friend told me about this company. I saw it a good deal and signed up with them immediately. I am satisfied now as they are able to repair my swimming pool at a lower cost than before.

    Posted on July 11, 2013
  2. Randen Jones

    When I bought my home, I bought the premium Old Republic Home Warranty. I got the home inspection during the purchase but it did not find any major problems. However, it turned out there were major problems. I had to call Home Republic many times from plumbing leak, swimming pool, and A/C problems. Some issues took time to fix and was frustrating dealing with different contractors. However, everything got fixed. After the year was over, Home Republic dropped me and would not cover me because of the number of calls I had. Service and repair was pretty good and I would have continued with them if they had not dropped me.

    Posted on June 12, 2014
  3. Amy Coker

    My 78 year old mother just closed on her new house, Sellers provided ORHW as part of the contract. Sellers had the AC serviced 5 days prior to Mom’s move in. No issues, all in working order 3 days after closing the AC went out. We called ORHW and immediately got the run around. ie, we haven’t received the payment from closing for the premium, this must be an existing condition, etc.. I explained to the representative that the AC was working when we closed and working up until this day, they said they would have a dispatcher call us back,,,,,waited 2 hours in the heat (90 in the house) no call back….called again… they couldn’t find our service request, so we started the process over again. Rep comes back on the line and says we cannot have anyone out until Monday (we are calling on Friday), I said do you realize that we are in Houston, Texas….and my mother is 78 years old sitting in the heat…..their response was and I quote ” WELL YOU REALIZE IT IS ALMOST THE WEEKEND AND IT IS HARD TO GET CONTRACTORS TO RESPOND”….wrong answer…..told them to forget it and called my personal AC service they were out in 15 minutes, AC is shot but at least they provided portable units to keep my Mom cool…..DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY ORHW……..they are a joke.

    Posted on August 4, 2014

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