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First American Home Warranty Review

  • Provides a one-year guarantee on all its services
  • Reliable, cost-effective, and home plans
  • Over 30 years of experience in repair and replacement of appliances
  • Well-rounded coverage on standard system
  • Pre-screened contractors and professional technicians for fast and hassle-service

What is the First American Home Warranty?

First American Home Warranty is a home buyers’ protection company that was established in the year 1984. The company deals with the repair and replacement of all the basic operating systems including home appliances which are not worn away with time. Replacement of toilets, refrigerator, heating or cooling system and garbage disposal are some of the services offered by First American Home Warranty.

Experience and Stability:

The corporation has been an industry frontrunner in home warranty for more than twenty five years and hence the company can be relied on for stability, efficiency, promptness and hassle-free repair and replacement work which does not hold true with new and inexperienced home warranty service providers.

Excellent Repair and Replacement Work:

First American always determines whether your covered home system can be repaired or not. The company never advises to replace the appliance unless it becomes an absolute necessity. It does not matter how old your appliance it or what model you have, the company replaces your insured appliances only if they need to be replaced.

Round the Clock Service and Unlimited Service Calls:

The service department of First American is available round the clock which means you can call them at any hour of the day and any day of the year. Apart from this, there is absolutely no limit to the number of times you can call their service.

One-year Guarantee on all its Services:

The company is known to provide not only prompt and hassle-free repair and replacement service but it also offers 1-year guarantee on all its services. The guarantee covers built in appliances and all basic mechanic systems.

Qualified Technicians and Pre-screened Contractors:

Since the staff of First American is well-trained, highly professional and suitably qualified, customers can count on them for the repair of even the most intricate issues of their appliances. Pre-screened contractors ensure that customers get prompt and reliable services without any impediments.

Wide Range of Protection

First American offers a full range of protection services.

Complete Protection Against Unexpected Appliance Failure:

When you buy First American you can be completely stress-free as the company gives a complete protection against any unexpected appliance or system failure. It is time for you to buy this home warranty and stop flipping through the yellow pages as it takes a lot of time to find well-qualified and apt technicians. Customers can count on them for affordability and convenience. The company repairs the appliances of all models and makes.

Customer friendly Staff and Satisfied Clients:

Staff of the company is customer-friendly and so the customers rely on them for satisfying their queries and for addressing their complaints on time. Owing to this reason, the company has a large number of satisfied and recurring clients that happily recommend their services.

Best Value for Money:

As the service charges of the company is very nominal and they do not have any hidden charges, the customers get cost-effective services when they buy this home warranty. Protection of the home is the foremost priority of every home buyer and to get the best value for money one should consider buying First American Home Warranty.

Final Thoughts

Although, there is a mixed opinion about the company. Some people have given a negative feedback about the company, but a majority of home buyers are happy and satisfied with the services of the company. The company has been successfully serving its customers for more than 25 years and it is known to provide efficient and timely services at affordable and flexible rates. This company is tried and true.

6 Reviews for “First American Home Warranty”

  1. Kyla Hatchet

    With the reputation behind this company and the 25 years it has been in business, I thought it would not hurt trying it out. To my surprise I got more than I bargained for. The services are of high quality as it covered all my house appliances. In addition to that the staff are qualified and experienced at what they do. Customer satisfaction is their main priority. My house was fully covered against floods and other natural calamities. This was important for me as these types of disasters are common around where I live.

    Posted on June 12, 2013
  2. Maggie

    My appliances are always breaking down for all the normal reasons. Luckily, they have qualified and experienced professionals who are able to attend to my problems within the specified time. Since signing up with them my appliances are well taken care.

    Posted on August 24, 2013
  3. Douglas

    We have used them for several years (upon recommendation of my realtor, who also uses them for her house and rental property). We have a rental and our home and have had claims on each over the years….so far the service/coverage has been great and worthwhile.

    Posted on January 1, 2014
  4. Valerie Fowler

    I have been a customer of First American for many years–and I have multiple properties with them. My last experience with this company was awful….acutall it was not the acually company, but the “vendor” the company contracta with. I called to report multiple times but was met with MUCH resistance. this was a plumbing issue–water heater bust and drained out into my garage, and iktchen–quite a mess. I called early saturday morning….met with resistance–did not want to come weeken’s–anyway after a many phone calls to First American and frequent missed appt from the contracted company– I called First American and requested another company. They did not accomodate me…..bascially told me this is the company I had t go with.–In addition to the awful experience I had expecting them to keep their word on our appointments, the bill/work was padded. I learned of this this because I went elsewhere for the work I need done. all the extras wasn’t need and all the necessary codes were met.–I am looking to take my bussiness to another company–basically because of the plumbing contracted company that was sent to my home.

    Posted on April 15, 2014
  5. Craig

    Our oven quit working and we called (First American). The local Sears service tech came out and determined the control panel was bad. We were informed that the part was no longer available and that it might have to be rebuilt ? I looked on-line and determined the part was available but not in the color (Bisque) of my oven. Since the range top is black, I called First American back and requested they order the Black Control Panel. I was told that they would contact the new repair company “Ace Appliance”. Ace called and agreed with our solution, I gave them the part number and even the cheapest on-line site I could find. The next day Ace called back and said First American refused to order the new part and insisted on repairing the old part. The trouble with repairing the old part was that they would come out remove the existing control panel (which disables my complete stove, range, oven!!) and the part would be shipped off, repaired, sent back and then come back out to reinstall. The time frame for this process is 4 – 6 WEEKS!! Thats right, no way to cook a meal for up to 6 weeks. I called First American back and after escalating the issue up the ladder,,,,, I spoke with (KERI) who went to bat for me and convinced the higher ups that replacing the control panel instead of repairing it was not significantly more expensive and that their customer of seven years would be extremely happy. I was looking at writing a scathing review, calling the local news channel consumer complaint division, calling the better business bureau, and canceling my contract / canceling the credit card. Instead I applaud Keri and the higher ups for seeing the value in a long term happy customer.

    Thank You!

    Posted on September 11, 2014
  6. Robert Novak

    I had AHS, but had to give it up, because I am on Social Security. I signed up with First american, because they were cheaper. To my surprise, their response by their contractors was much better. The contractor techical staff is also better. Response time is faster and First American pays more for freon. I made the right choice to switch. With AHS, I was without heat for 5 month, because they didn’t have a clue. I recomend First American and forget AHS. I live in King George, Va.

    Posted on July 21, 2015

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